10 Most Promising APM Solution Providers - 2017

10 Most Promising APM Solution Providers - 2017

Applications have become indispensable part of enterprises' business operations over the past few years. As evolving technologies and dynamic business requirements increase the complexities of organizations' IT ambience, the necessity to shift away from basic resource monitoring to comprehensive APM (Application Performance Management) is growing. The urge to attain better business visibility, need for solutions to monitor complex enterprise applications, objective to ameliorate operational efficiency, emphasis to maximize ROI and aim to improve customer satisfaction are the crucial factors driving the growth of APM software market. Additionally, increasing relevance for Cloud technologies and mobile platforms are also driving the demand for APM solutions. Presently, the rising demand for APMaaS (APM as a Service) creates substantial opportunities in the APM landscape.

APM aids in improving end user experience by boosting quality of service. It helps gain data insights into customer preferences, therefore decreases response time to resolve any customer issues. For accomplishing outstanding customer satisfaction and revenue, optimized application performance and stability remain as essential requirements. If any applications suffer from outages or poor performance, it can definitely affect enterprises' productivity, revenues and customers. Hence, tracking, managing and optimizing application performance become challenging tasks in today’s dynamic technology environments. In such a scenario, enterprises look out for best IT vendors who can deliver excellent APM services. They need innovative partners who come to the fore by combining technology adroitness and colossal amount of experience for assisting enterprises to optimize best of breed APM solutions.

Today, several IT vendors play a vital role in the APM domain with strong technical capabilities and excellent practices. We at CIOReview perceive the hardships of organizations in recognizing and choosing eminent IT partners. Hence, we present a list of “10 Most Promising APM Solution Providers”, for assisting organizations in the selection of apt partners to fulfill their APM requirements. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReview editorial team have scrutinized various companies before finalizing these IT vendors who can ensure high availability and performance by monitoring applications, identifying issues, and delivering visibility as well as exceptional user experiences.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 10 Most Promising APM Solution Providers - 2017.

Company Name Company Description
Avekshaa Technologies Pvt. Ltd. A provider of application performance engineering and APM solutions and products with offerings to proactively and continuously manage, improve and assure the Performance, Availability and...
BMC Software, Inc. A provider of APM solutions that delivers end-to-end performance monitoring and event management, real-time as well as SaaS based monitoring for web-scale applications and Infrastructure, and...
BT (India) Private Limited A provider of APM solutions including Applications performance monitoring, Network performance monitoring and diagnostics, Network & application performance optimisation and Web Analysis etc.
Cavisson Systems Inc. A provider of APM products for Performance Testing and offers Monitoring & Diagnostics Platform. Also, it offers a service portfolio includes Monitoring & Support, and Consulting services.
CresTech Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. A provider of APM services including Architectural Analysis & Code Reviews, Load Testing & Capacity Planning, Performance Tuning & Optimization, End User Monitoring, Performance Re-engineering and...
eG Innovations Pvt. Ltd. A provider of full stack monitoring of application performance including Application analytics and reporting, Digital user experience monitoring, and Application topology discovery and dependency...
iSummation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. A provider of enterprise level applications maintenance who offers application development and maintenance services in coldfusion platform.
Lelogix Software A provider of Managed Network Solution & Services, Managed Security Services, Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery, Database Maintenance and IT Infrastructure Management services.
Zealapp A provider of next generation high end enterprise applications to monitor and manage end to end IT infrastructure across Data Center, Virtual and Cloud environment.
Serviceberry Technologies Pvt. Ltd. A provider of IT consulting, services and solutions for APM & Analytics, Business Service Management (BSM), and IT Service Management (ITSM).