Cavisson Systems Inc. - Transforming APM with a Fully Automated End-to-end Monitoring Platform

CIO Vendor While some applications find the privileged space in the home screen of our mobile devices, others remain lost in list of applications, until one decides to uninstall them. An obvious reason is while some applications are able to deliver an enhanced performance, others fail. The same goes for desktop applications. In today’s increasingly competitive era, it is imperative that your applications deliver beyond what is expected. The source of performance issues could range from an application code executing slow or an error at JVM, VM, host server, network, database or any other auxiliary service/component to other complex issues. Cavisson Systems is driven by the belief that enterprises shouldn't be waiting for a performance issue to be reported by a business user and has hence put forth Cavisson Net- Diagnostics Enterprise (NDE), a fully automated unified monitoring platform that is designed to detect issues from customers, businesses, infrastructure and applications perspective. The solution not only runs root cause analysis but suggests a fix along with test runs in lab followed by certification of the fix for production.

Taking us through the unique features of the product, the Founder and CTO- Cavisson, Anil Kumar explains, “At the very high level, NDE’s main differentiators are huge data management, machine learning-assisted advance alerting and automated verbose drilldown in moment data collection in case of aberrations, which we term as Key Data technology.” He further adds, “Another key strength is the data visualization. NDE provides a graphical layout of the application, overlaid with the transaction flow volume and responsiveness across the enterprise. One can intuitively drilldown in a particular context to zero out the areas of slowness and profile particular transaction.”
Speaking of the effectiveness of NDE, Anil Kumar rightfully elucidates that to be able to detect the issues early in the application lifecycle; firstly one is required to create production like scenario in the lab. Hence the expert developers at Cavisson, have thoughtfully created Cavisson NetStorm. NetStorm delivers production like user volume, traffic pattern, network characteristics etc. that forces any potential issues to show up early in the lifecycle to be detected by NDE. They call this Internet-True technology. Again, the data captured through NDE proves to be quite effective to Cavisson’s service virtualization solution, NetOcean which configures the service times for the services simulated in the web performance testing or cloud testing to create a real life scenario for testing web applications. Anil Kumar emphasises on Cavisson’s solid support for real end-user and synthetic monitoring that includes suggestions about improving the responsiveness at the front end.

The solution not only runs root cause analysis but suggests a fix along with test runs in lab followed by certification of the fix for production

When asked about the key differentiators of the firm, Anil Kumar responds that a holistic approach and a complete solution as opposed to point product is a key differentiator for Cavisson. “At a time when applications are getting more complex, only a comprehensive solution with end-to-end monitoring and diagnosis can work. But then a complete solution requires revolutionary technologies - Key Data and Internet-True. That is exactly what we have put together based on our years of research and development”, opines the founder. In conclusion, Anil Kumar says that Cavisson is spearheading to emerge as a world leader in the APM domain as a provider who takes a holistic end to end real world view of entire transaction flow.”